Viral Videos: Swedish Gamer Channel PewDiePie Logs 50 Million Hits in YouTube; Beats Weekly Views of Psy, Miley Cyrus

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The shared gaming moments of 23-year-old Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg through his PewDiePie channel are the most viewed videos the past week, garnering almost 50 million hits.

The views for the week June 27 to July 3, monitored by Tubefilter, said the gaming videos in PewDiePie channel topped the Turkish music video channel Muyap, which got 45.6 million hits), and games channel Sky Does Minecraft, that got 3.5 million hits.

PewDiePie was also ahead of Psy, who got 27.6 million views for the week that landed him on fourth place, and Samsung Mobile USA (25 million), One Direction (22.3 million), Arab Idol (21.6 million) and Miley Cyrus (19.1 million).

Here is a sample of PewDiePie gaming videos that got more than 22 million views so far.

Because of the channel's success, Mr Kjellberg added 349,000 new subscribers in the last week, bringing his total subscribers to 9.8 million. Given the rate he is adding subscribers, Mr Kjellberg would likely breach the 10 million mark this July, in the process threatening to catch up with comedy channel Smosh, which has 11.1 million subscribers.

Given the fast growth of the Swedish kid's game channel, his all-time views reached 1.9 billion for PewDiePie, while SkyDoesMinecraft's hit 892 million, beating the 1.7 billion views of South Korean singer Psy's Gangnam Style video.

Game channels in YouTube such as PewDiePie appeal to young viewers, whom Google classified as Gen C based on their online habits of creation, curation, connection and community. Google, the owner of YouTube, said Gen C members are twice as likely to be YouTube viewers and 40 per cent likely to be light TV viewers since 80 per cent of them watch YouTube on their smartphones.

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