Viral Videos: Slender Man Horror Game and Teens' Reactions; Kids Explain the Fun in Fear [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Slender Man aka Slenderman somehow influenced two Wisconsin girls to stab their friend Saturday, May 31. There are various reports about the Slenderman story, but most reports note the mythical character originated in a Web site that publishes horror stories. Here is a viral video showing teens trying out a Slender game. They also explain why some people seem to enjoy playing Slender.

The two Wisconsin girls and the friend they stabbed 19 times are all 12 year old kids. Creepypasta Wiki was mentioned in various reports in relation to Slender Man and this tragic incident involving children. 

"I've received both messages of concern and blame, and while it seems that the Creepypasta Wiki is bearing the brunt of media attention and finger-pointing, I feel it's necessary for me to make a statement," wrote the publisher of, after the "horrific events that took place in Wisconsin."

"Stories about Slenderman and his proxies are not the central focus of []," the publisher emphasized, noting the concept was "created" on

There are several Slender Man videos on YouTube clips, two of which have gone viral. TheFineBros published "Teens React to Slender" on Oct. 7, 2012. It has so far drawn near 17 million views. This clip shows the teens playing "Slender," a horror game that tasks the players to collect 8 pages.

"Slender is a free first person horror game that was release June 2012," reads the inset description in the Slender Man clip. The video shows the teens reacting to the game in various levels of fear. Toward the end of the clip, the kids share their theories on why fear is fun for some people.

"I had played it in my phone once, and didn't sleep for two days," one of the male teens says in the clip. Seven out of 10 teens had not played Slender until TheFineBros filmed the social media documentary.

The Slender Man is said to be very tall, wearing a suit, and faceless. The Slender game's graphics match the typical description in recent reports. The viral video also mentioned the character's roots from The Slender Man story is not explained, particularly the relevance of the eight pages.

The Wisconsin girls were trying to impress Slender Man, reports say. (In TheFineBros' Slender game viral video, all players had to do is find eight pieces of paper.) It is not clear if there are other children involved in this dark pursuit, or if the two girls knew of other kids taking Creepypasta's Slender Man as seriously as they did.

The two girls are now at a juvenile facility for females. Bail was set at half a million dollars for each of them. Their victim survived the attack, but there is no way to gauge the depth and breadth of her physical and psychological trauma over the incident.

WATCH: Teens React to Slender Man in Horror Game (Uploaded to YouTube in 2012)

YouTube's Annoying Orange, another Internet sensation, also has a viral video (11M Views) featuring Slender Man. Follow this link to see the clip.

How two 12-year-old girls who read about Slender Man wound up stabbing their friend 19 times continue to baffle parents and teens alike. Here is a sample social media reaction (Twitter):

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