Viral Videos: Cute Wolf Puppy With Serious Hiccups, Baby Goats Flood at Sunflower Farm

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A wolf puppy seems to be suffering from serious hiccups as shown from a YouTube video garnering more than 100,000 viewers while baby goats made a comeback at the Sunflower Farm with over 200,000 viewers.

Wolf Pup Hiccups

YouTube user nyworkorg uploaded an adorable wolf puppy suffering from serious hiccups that time. It has been published on June 9 and garnered more than 160,000 online views.

The cute little wolf Nikai is eight weeks old and an additional member to the Wolf Conservation Centre's Ambassador Pack in South Salem, New York. Being an ambassador, Nikai will help WCC wolves Atka, Zephyr and Alawa open the door to understanding the importance and plight of their wild kin.

nyworkorg cited wolves can make various vocalizations such as growl, whimper, whine, bark, huff and the famous howling which has been heard in several films and television shows. Hiccup is included now to the list of sounds they make.

Check out the video here.

Baby Goats Flood Sunflower Farm

Another viral video on animals has been uploaded in YouTube by Hope Hall featuring several baby goats flooding the Sunflower Farm. Apparently, the user considered the baby goats flood one of the best kinds of weather event.

Around 44 baby goats joined the film and have been running back and forth for 15 minutes. But the video only captures 47 seconds of the actual event. These baby goats seem to be very obedient and can follow some choreography as they keep on following the routine.

Also, the baby goats get lots of attention from the locals who look forward every year. Based on the description, the owners have given each one a name and know exactly which is which. Each baby goat features unique personalities and color which made it easier to tell one from the other.

"Baby Goats Flood at Sunflower Farm" garnered more than 240,000 YouTube hits and it is the sequel of the original video titled, "The Running of the Goats at Sunflower Farm," which gained more than 2.4 million views.

Click here to video the prequel and sequel of the Baby Goats Flood.

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