Viral Video: Wish I Was Here - Official Trailer - In Theaters July 18th [Watch YouTube Clip]

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It seems that Zach Braff fans can't wait to see his Kickstarter funded movie "Wish I Was Here" in the theaters come July 18th . The movie's trailer which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday already amassed almost 1 million views in just two days.

The indie film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and distributed by Focus Features. It originally aimed for $2 million but has already surpassed the amount by more than $1.1 million.

Among the stars for this film are Zach Braff, Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Mandy Patinkin, Donald Faison, Ashley Greene, Joey King, Pierce Gagnon, and Josh God.

According to the unofficial synopsis from Baeble Music, "Wish I Was Here" revolves around the life of a struggling actor, father, and husband named Aidan Bloom. He was 35 years of age who still struggles to find his identity and look for a purpose for his life. When he could not anymore afford the expensive rate at the private school for his two children, he ended up trying to homeschool them. In the process, Aidan gradually gets to know some parts of himself that he had been looking for while teaching his children about life.

In the movie trailer, the family can be seen eating breakfast at the table. They have a swear jar nearby which contains the penalty for every time a family member swears. Aidan explained that the money is going to be used for the children's college education.

Aidan is also seen lining up for a screening but the interviewer does not believe in his pursuit of happiness. In his desperation, he noticed an empty pamphlet stand which states "This pamphlet could save your life."

The family can also be seen running on a park and on the dessert. Aidan and the two kids is also seen standing amidst rows and rows of mannequin heads with Aidan tucking the swear jar underneath his arms. He let his daughter select any wig she wants and the daughter ended up with a purple one.

They are also seen meditating on top of boulders with arms spread wide apart. They also spent time surfing the waves, relaxing by the seashore, and practicing the dive skills. They are also seen on several instances riding a car.

There was also an instance in the clip where Aidan was punched at the grocery store with his children watching near him, the swear jar falling into pieces as coins scatter on the floor.

The note below the "Wish I Was Here" movie trailer contains its social media information such Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Watch the official trailer of "Wish I Was Here" from YouTube.

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