Viral Video Using Go Pro Camera: 'Longest Jump Story' [Watch YouTube Clip]

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A heart-stopping viral video has shown a daredevil rally car driver attempting to break the world record for longest car jump but did not go as planned.

The 12.26-minute long video taken from a Go Pro camera was uploaded on YouTube. It has gone viral after amassing nearly 2.9 million views in four days.

Guerlain Chicherit was the man behind the wheels. He is a professional French skier and rally driver. He said on the camera he was trying to break the world record for the longest jump, which was 101 meters (332 feet).

He cited there had been thorough preparations of their team led by the Four Wheels Sports Creative Team Leader James Kirkland before the epic jump.

He noted the highly modified Mini Cooper had 1,000 horsepower, well-balanced and was foreign-drive. He cited the ramp was 20 tons of steel, which was heavy and sturdy.

Kirkland explained how the team underwent the car jumping process. The team started with 25 meters and the distance was increased by 15 meters daily. So the plan was 40, 55, 70, 85 and finally 100 meters.

On the day of the first jump, the 36-year-old daredevil rally diver said the first jump was the most difficult.

"Everything was new, the ramp was new, the car was new," Chicherit added. "I have to make sure my calculations are right."

With Go Pro camera tucked into the side of Chicherit's head, his jumps were recorded upclose and in stunningly vivid style. The initial jumps for 25, 40 up to 80 meters were done perfectly as planned. The rally driver had successfully collaborated all parameters like weight of the car, height of the ramp, distance for the landing, altitude and everything. For the first few days, Chicherit managed to make the car land to where it should be.

But on the fateful day when Chicherit was scheduled to jump for the 100 meters, he somehow had a haunting feeling of what will happen later that day.

On the YouTube note, the following words were posted: "When I woke up the morning of jump day, I called my wife and told her that I had a bad feeling. I've traveled the world for motorsports and seen hundreds of crashes - multiple car pile ups at high speeds, race cars rolling end-over-end, sometimes on fire."

For the final jump, Chicherit's target speed was at 160 kph. He was still seen driving over 133 kph when the unexpected thing happened during his landing. The death-defying moment was all captured in the camera as the car tumbled and flipped over in a grisly but fascinating style.

Chicherit was seen holding on for his life as the car flipped through the ramp, huge debris following the car. Good thing, he walked away from the accident with minor injuries.

Watch Guerlain Chicherit's Go Pro Camera: Longest Jump Story from YouTube.

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