Viral Video TV Smash: Brazilian Fan Smashes Television while Watching 2014 World Cup Penalty Shootout against Chile [WATCH]

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Watching an intense 2014 World Cup match can really pump up the viewers at the stadium or even at home through the television. That's what happened to a Brazilian fan while watching the penalty shootout between Brazil and Chile on Saturday, June 28, with his cousins and his flow of emotions caused him to smash his TV.

Brazilian fan Rafael Gambarim became viral with the video of his TV smashing incident while watching the match. According to the Yahoo! News The West Australian Sport report, the video has already been shared over 30,000 times on Facebook and viewed over 35,000 on YouTube.

In the viral video, the Brazilian fan can be seen watching the match with two cousins. The group cheered on as Brazil's Julio Cesar saved the penalty of Chile's Alexis Sanchez after their round of 16 match ended with a 1-1 draw after extra time.

Rafael Gambarim initially hugged and kissed the TV screen when it showed the face of the Brazilian keeper. However, the screen image changed to show the face of the Chilean forward and Rafael Gambarim smacked him on the face.

As a result, the television screen shattered and left the face of Alexis Sanchez frozen in the spider web of remains. Rafael Gambarim revealed to the news portal G1 that he had a lot of emotion at the time of the match.

"I was annoyed because he scored (Chile's first half) goal against Brazil, and when he missed, I was elated. When they showed him I said 'Take that boy!'" Gambarim recounted. The Brazilian fan, who is a 30-year-old businessman from the southern town of Umuarama, decided to watch the rest of the World Cup match at the house next door.

Gambarim's neighbor allowed him and his cousins to continue watching the match in their home. The Brazilian fan further revealed that he already plans to buy a new television set even before he smashed the screen. Have a look at the video below of the Brazilian fan smashing his LCD TV during the penalty kick of Brazil vs Chile in the 2014 World Cup match.

Credit: YouTube/DanielGardner

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