Viral Video Tornado: Two Men Capture on Video the EF2 Tornado in North Dakota

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Dan Yorgason and his friend Abram Schiff captured on video the EF2 tornado that hit the oil workers' base camp in North Dakota on Monday, May 26, and shared the life threatening experience on YouTube. The video titled "Dramatic North Dakota Tornado" immediately went viral with currently over one million views since it got published.

Dan Yorgason uploaded the video on YouTube and warned the viewers that they swore a lot while filming the tornado hit because they were scared for their lives. "Warning - STRONG LANGUAGE! We were afraid for our lives, so, yes, we swore. A lot. You have been warned!" Yorgason wrote on the video description.

Aside from swearing, the two men can also be heard laughing in the video as they witnessed the gigantic windstorm come up to them at approximately 100 feet. Click HERE to watch the viral YouTube video of the Watford, North Dakota tornado.

Yorgason further revealed to the Daily News that what happened was an extremely scary experience. "I was laughing a lot, but it was not because I thought it was funny. I was panicking. I knew I had to get out of there. You know how trailer parks are with tornados," the witness shared.

Dan Yorgason recounted in the Daily News report that he was staying at home when his friend sent a text message warning about a storm coming. Dan shared that he stepped outside to enjoy the summer rains and looked to the east side but did not see anything.

When Dan looked to the west, he saw the tornado coming. The two friends continued to film the tornado hitting their area while inside a truck. According to Dan Yorgason, the tornado caused severe damage to the nearby trailer park that it directly hit.  

The officials' report revealed 15 trailers were destroyed, nine people were injured and a 15-year-old girl is in critical condition. Meteorologist Ken Simosko stated in The Independent report that the increase on temporary housings means there is also an increase in the chances of death, injuries and destruction from the tornadoes. "People living in trailers creates a very dangerous situation because there is no protection," Simosko explained.

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