Viral Video: Three UK Teenagers Drive In a Race Track in the Middle of a Live Race [WATCH VIDEOS]

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Three UK teenagers became Internet stars because of a viral video that showed them driving in the Brands Hatch race track in the middle of a live race. The video got uploaded on YouTube last Sunday, June 15, with over 500,000 views and mixed reactions over the dangerous stunt that the teenagers did.

According to the 9News World report, the incident happened on Saturday, June 14, at the Brands Hatch raceway. The female passenger became hysterical when the teenage boy driving her car managed to drive their way in the race track without security stopping them.

The other teenage boy was seated at the back and he was filming the whole driving experience. "It's my car - it won't be funny," the girl stated in the video as the driver continued to find his way in the race track.

"Won't be funny? I've got this on camera," the teenage boy at the backseat responded. The driver succeeded in driving around the race track along with the speeding race cars.

The hysterical female passenger kept begging the driver to stop and get off the race track. "I can't breathe. Get off! Jack, if you care about me, please just stop, I don't like it. You're going to crash my car," the teenage girl protested. However, Jack ignored her appeal and continued to drive around while the passenger at the back laughed at their adventure.

The race organizers noticed the teenager's car on the track and immediately threw up the red flag to stop the four-hour race with only 20 minutes from the finish.

Race organisers threw up the red flag when they noticed the teens on the track, stopping the four-hour race and resumed the race 20 minutes later. The Motor Sports Association expressed their extreme concern over the reckless driving of the teenagers.

"On Saturday afternoon during our race meeting at Brands Hatch, an unauthorised private car gained access to the live circuit while the Fun Cup Championship race was in progress. The race was immediately red flagged and all cars left the circuit," a British Racing and Sports Car Club spokesman stated in The Blaze report.

The spokesman further added that the Kent police, the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and the circuit operators MSV will conduct an investigation. "We are of course fully co-operating with them. Until the outcome of the inquiry is known the Club won't be making any further comment," the spokesman declared.

Some online comments on the viral video slammed the teenagers for their dangerous stunt, some found it hilarious while others blamed the Brands Hatch raceway for not having tight security measures. The Metro report included the YouTube video of the spectators' view of the race when the teenager's vehicle, a VW Polo, entered the Brands Hatch race track.

The report further noted down how motorsport commentator and broadcaster Will Buxton reacted to the incident via his Twitter account @willbuxton. "The driver may be a complete idiot, but he should never have got even close to the paddock, let alone the pitlane or track," Buxton posted, further hoping that what happened is a well orchestrated hoax. "If not @MSAUK and @Brands_Hatch need a serious kick in the backside," Buxton shared.

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