Viral Video: Teenager Jared Michael Takes Selfie Near Train Track, Got Kicked in the Head by Conductor

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Teenager Jared Michael learned lesson the painful way when he tried to take a selfie image. The uploaded viral video on YouTube showed the teenager getting kicked in the head by the train conductor because he was standing so close to the tracks.

In the YouTube video description, Jared Michael admitted that he messed up because he was still too close to the approaching train even though he stood at a distance he thought was safe while taking his selfie image. The Inquisitr report claims Jared Michael uploaded the 11-second video on Tuesday, April 15, and attracted millions of viewers after the video got uploaded on Reddit. Click HERE to watch the viral video.

"Wow, that guy just kicked me in the head! I think I got that on film," Jared stated in the video after receiving the train conductor's whack. The video went viral and viewers started to discuss the scenario and the teenager's reaction from the hit.

Some viewers found the video funny while others posted comments attacking the teenager and conductor. Initially, some people thought the train conductor's action of kicking Jared in the head was not necessary but others think that the conductor was actually saving Jared Michael's life.

"If the conductor hadn't put his foot where he did, it would've been part of the train that hit the kid. If you look closely at the frame by frame images, you'll see a yellow and black structure that sticks out of the train. It appears as though the conductor's foot was the only thing stopping this bit of metal from tearing through the guy's skull," username tryagain42 commented on Reddit.

As for the video, some comments voiced out confusion on the report that Jared Michael was trying to capture a selfie image but he was recording a video. Others were quick to provide an explanation that the teenager could be taking a freeze frame of the selfie image from the video recording.

Jared Michael still receives harsh criticisms for standing to close to the train tracks. People describe the teenager's selfie image stunt really close to an approaching train as something foolish and life-threatening.  

Other comments also assessed the teenager's reaction after getting kicked in the head. "Instead of saying 'Ow!' or 'What was I thinking standing so close to a moving train?' he happily exclaims, 'Wow! I got kicked in the head! I think I got that on film!'" the BGR report reads.

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