Viral Video: Strippers Promote Australian Dental Association 2015 National Congress Wearing Undies Almost as Thin as Dental Floss

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The Australian Dentists Association is red-faced over a burlesque video which was uploaded on YouTube, the group's Web site and other social media accounts and created a furor.

The 29-second clip was actually part of the entertainment number at the Dentists' Late Night show held in Melbourne at the 2013 Australian Dental Congress. It featured female strippers, wearing underwear that the Daily Mail described as  "not much thicker that dental floss."

The dancers gyrated sexily onstage and entwined in a rope while hanging from the ceiling. But an ADA spokeswoman defended the show, saying, "This even was a burlesque show with the most risqué portion of  the event being showcased by media, ignoring the rest of the two-hour acrobatic show."

Because of the controversy it created, ADA Chief Executive Robert Boyd-Boland ordered its removal, although a copy of the same video was reposted by MAGAZINE NEWS on YouTube on Monday evening.

He said he would find out who was responsible for uploading the video which he admitted sent "an inappropriate signal about the event."

But Mr Boyd-Boland added that ADA did not receive any complaints about the show and it has no intention to portray burlesque dancing in a negative light.

For the upcoming 36th yearly convention of ADA, also to be held in Brisbane, there would be another exclusive Dentist Late Night amid a hint from the conference chairman Dr David Thomson that "social activities will be available for relaxation purposes."

News of the video invited both positive and  negative comments from readers of Daily Mail.

Bert Dock of Liverpool wrote, "This is where the dentist's got to pill more than teeth. Total decay with that lot."

The way it goes asked, "Would it have been sexist if it was male strippers?"

Cynicus found the complainers as party poopers.

Sandra from Madrid quipped, "Well, I suppose they were probably wearing dental floss."

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