Viral Video: Stalemate in Snake vs Alligator Marsh Battle

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Crocodiles and snakes versus other wild animals have been popular lately, and they have become viral videos.

The final results of the battle reveal who is the stronger between two wild animals.

In the case of a snake vs crocodile fight, the croc lost and was eaten by the python (

When the alligator encountered an electric eel in a stream, it was an even match as the deadly electricity discharged by the fish zapped the reptile to its death. But at the same time, the gator had bit the eel, leaving the battle with no victors but only corpses (

In the next video, which has over 45 million views, the python and the gator meet again for a rematch and heart-pounding action follows in the next two minutes as the two animals assert for supremacy (

This one turns out to be a draw as both beasts, after realising its opponent is too powerful, walk away from the battle zone.

In these three videos, it was shown that being physically bigger does not necessarily mean being the winner.

A report published recently in the journal Ecologica Montenegrina confirmed that when researchers found in Golem Grad, Macedonia, a 44-acre island also called Snake Island because of the large number of slithering reptiles, a centipede breaking free from a viper.

One of the researchers from the University of Belgrade turned over a stone and found the dead 8-inch viper and the 6-inch centipede crawling out. Examination of the viper showed that all its inner organs were missing, apparently eaten from inside by the insect until the centipede was able to crawl its way out of the snake.

The theory was that the viper swallowed the centipede alive. Similarly, in 2005, a Burmese python in Florida swallowed an alligator half its size, the but gator exacted its revenge by chewing its way through the giant snake's body.

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