Viral Video: 'Sing-Song Contest of America' - A Bad Lip Reading of 'American Idol' [Watch YouTube Clip]

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After American Idol Season 13 declared this year's winners at the season finale, it aired  the parody video created by YouTube's @Bad Lip Reading which showcased the contestants' singing performances and the judges' commentaries.

A copy of the the two-and-a-half minute video was uploaded in YouTube and has already generated over 1 million views in a matter of five days.

American Idol winner Caleb Johnson with his throwback to classic rock is highlighted in the video. The first true rocker to win the title was summed up in the video as making screams. At the beginning of the clip Caleb was shown singing "It's the cake maaaan... oh my gosh!" right at the very front of the judges before rolling over to the floor. His comment to Judge Jennifer Lopez "please don't do the sexy dance" is also highlighted as the actress gyrates in her judge's chair.

American Idol runner up Jena Irene also had her share in the video clip. After her performance Judge Keith Urban made a hilarious comment which stated: "There's a choo-choo, and it's ... I tickled the florist and her horse...and you know how, like, there's a trail of corn and then woo-bah ... you don't really want a robot on a train." To which, Jena just replied with a short "Thank You."

Included also in the video are some audition clips with one contestant crawling towards the stage while saying that he needs his computer which was unlocked in somewhere. There was also one hopeful who mentioned that his skin gets really hot. To this, judge Harry Connick Jr. said: "Let me tattoo your wrist."

The 13-year old American Idol franchise has produced legitimate music stars in the past like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Phillip Phillips. However, the show's season 13 is criticized for its declining appeal to television viewers and has been dubbed as "Sing-song Contest of America". In a blog from Seattle Times, the singathon's grand finale only generated 30 million viewers which is down by 25 percent compared to its finale rating the previous year.

The blog slammed American Idol winner Caleb Johnson for being born several decades too late for heavy metal prominence. Jena Irene was also criticized for putting strains on high notes and garbled lyrics while the third placer Alex Preston does not have the charisma.

Apart from the parody video of American Idol 13, Bad Lip Reading had also produced other famous video clips in the past such as NFL, Twilight, and presidential debates.

Watch Bad Lip Reading of American Idol on YouTube.

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