Viral Video Showcases Kids' Reaction to Old Computers [Watch YouTube Clip]

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An amusing video showing how kids, who are digitally natives, react when presented with an old computer. This event became a YouTube sensation amassing over 3.7 million views in a matter of three days.

The video prepared by TheFineBros showed several kids aged 6 to 12 years. The children were presented one by one with an Apple II computer which debuts in the market in 1977. Upon unveiling the device, children reacted by asking what is the thing all about. They were very eager to try device after learning it is an old computer. The older children cited the computer is very huge. One girl asked where to put the device if there is no desk.

When asked to turn it on, the children pressed a button at the front but nothing happens. They could not find the power button located at the back. When the computer was successfully turned on, it made a lot of cranking noise that children found unusual. The monitor does not show anything which perplexed them. One girl queried the apps, games, Web sites, everything which are not found in the present day computers.

When the children tried to input something in the computer, they realized that nothing happens. They were told to press a reset button first before typing or doing anything on the computer. The children found the process very tedious for there were too many steps involved.

The children looked for the mouse but it was nowhere to be found. They were shocked to know that everything was done through the keyboard. They tried to search for games, type their names or Google to access the Internet but all they saw on the screen were syntax error.

Upon knowing there was no Internet in the past, the children were totally confused how to look up for homework. It was then that they learned they could go to the library. But now no one wants to do that. The children found it hard to believe and mind-blowing that computers back then could only do limited things like computing, documents and codes.

One commented that the computer in the past was the peak of technology. But now this device seems worthless. When the children tried to type a Math problem, the answer would not come out. One girl mentioned that giving a command for the computer to realize it's a Math problem is the hardest thing in the world. They also find it ridiculous to type to word "PRINT" in the command for they could not find its connection to the Math problem. But when the answer to the problem showed on the screen, one girl even felt proud of herself for the accomplishment.

The children were also given a large floppy disk and informed that the big computer has no disk drive. They were also told the floppy disc comes with a program in it.

When asked to play a game on the computer, the children eagerly wanted to try out but found it difficult to put the disc inside the drive. They were told to turn off the computer first before turning it back on to  play the game.

The children successfully played a game until the word "Game Over" appeared on the screen. When asked to comment after the game, one girl shared it looked ugly with the green color but one said the game was better than Flappy Bird.

In the end, children were amazed with the old computer but would not want to use it at present as they already have better technology.

Watch how the kids react to old computer from YouTube.

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