Viral Video: ‘Shovel Girl’ Fight Garners ‘510,000 Tweets, 75,000 Revines and 73,0000 Likes’; Is Miranda Lynn Dead or is it Just a Hoax?


A Vine video of two girls fighting went viral this week on social media Web sites like Twitter, Vine and Facebook. It shows two teenage girls involved in a fierce fighting and ends with one girl hitting the other one with a shovel to her head. The Vine video has not only gone viral, but has also instigated a viral death hoax.

According to a Huffington Post report, the six-second viral Vine video is originally taken from an eight-minute long video. The video was earlier posted on the popular video sharing Web site, YouTube. A small clip from the video is now making rounds on Vine, Facebook and Twitter and has become quite an internet sensation. The full length video has been taken down from YouTube.

Deadspin describes the sequence of events quite elaborately in their report. According to the Web site, while walking in lush green area with friends, these two girls agree to fight with each other. They exchange few slaps, punches and blow, before they are stopped by other friends and take a break.

After the break, the two girls begin the second round of the fight and they trade more punches, in the face this time. This is followed by round three, where they exchange more blows and kicks and one of the girls picks a shovel and throws straight at the other one, aiming at her back. But it ends up hitting her in the head and she tumbles down.

The Web site speculates that the two of them must have ended up with some lumps in their head. Nonetheless, the girl who got hit with the shovel has now become an internet celebrity of sorts. She identified herself as Miranda Lynn Fugate. She is now known as the "shovel girl."

According to The Epoch Times, the 16 year old girl Miranda Lynn's fight with the other girl has instigated a death hoax. The Web site notes that has published story titled "Miranda, 16, Who Was Hit In The Head With A Shovel, Dies."

The story reports that the girl who got hit with the shovel by "Emily Powers" has died because of serious head injuries. The Epoch Times notes that the story published on the "self-described 'satire' Web site" is fake and has now sparked a viral death hoax.

According to the report, Josh Officer posted the viral Vine video showing the two girls fight. It was followed by another post that confirms Miranda Lynn is not dead and she is doing well.

The Web site Know Your Meme the "shovel girl" Miranda Lynn's video was posted on May 4, 2014. Within 48 hours the viral video acquired 510,000 tweets on twitter and 75,000 revines of Vine and 73, 0000 likes on Facebook.

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