Viral Video: A Schnauzer Dog Named Casey Passes Out Upon Seeing Owner Again After Two Years [WATCH VIDEO]


Casey, a dog whose breed is a schnauzer recently passed out after reuniting with its owner. Thankfully, Casey is okay. The dog was just ecstatic to see its owner after being separated from her for two years! Read on to learn more about this viral video that has already been viewed on YouTube by 22,536,998 viewers as of this writing!

YouTube user Rebecca Ehalt uploaded the viral video of Casey which was published on the popular video sharing site on Thursday, July 24, 2014. According to Ehalt, the girl in the video left Casey two years ago in Murrysville, Pennsylvania because she had to live and work in Slovenia. She got married there in Bled that's why she wasn't able to go home to see Casey. Her family members reportedly attended her wedding, except for Casey.

In the viral video, Casey was so excited upon seeing its owner again that it couldn't help but pass out from utter joy. The dog was also howling like crazy as if it wanted to tell its owner that it was so happy to see her and also to ask, why the heck did you leave me here for two years?!

Of course, Casey was showered with hugs and kisses. However, they still wanted to make sure that the dog was okay so they took him to the vet to get checked up. The vet said that Casey was a-okay. Hopefully, the owner will learn her lesson and not leave Casey all alone next time!

Casey's viral video was liked by 66,335 viewers on YouTube. Unfortunately, some viewers didn't like the video and 2,808 gave it the thumbs down.

Check out the comments from those who have seen it on YouTube:

"OMG THAT WOULD BE MY DOG!! LOVED IT!" user WHATTHEBUCKSHOW posted in the YouTube comments section.

"OMG. Have that Dog's heart checked JUST IN CASE....I swear Ive never seen such a heart felt display by any dog. Truly that Dog really Missed its family specially the :"Mom"....have a good one," Davesintexas posted.

And that's the viral video of Casey the Schnauzer, the dog that passed out upon seeing its owner again after two years! For more viral videos like this, as well as other news about entertainment, technology, finance, health, sports and business, visit the International Business Times (IBT) regularly.

Watch the viral video of Casey the Schnauzer from YouTube:

CREDIT: YouTube/Rebecca Ehalt


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