Viral VIdeo: Sato-san Meets Tokyo Burger King's 1050-piece Bacon Whopper

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A YouTube video of a Japanese man eating a giant bacon whopper at Burger King has gone viral, and kids should be warned not to try this at home.

The video starts with a man receiving his takeaway at Burger King, which is noted to be in Tokyo, Japan.

In the next frame, the man scrutinizes his unbelievably tall burger, still unwrapped. The man then unwraps his order, and an unbelievably tall bacon whopper is revealed. The bacon strips in this mountain of fatty indulgence seems enough for many months of breakfast.

Two buns hold the bacon together but there is no way the man could lift the whopper with both hands. He tries different approaches to finish off the challenge.

Mashable spoke to the writer who first posted the video, Steven Simonitch, a 24-year-old American working as a teacher in Nagano Prefecture.

Mr Simonitch posted the video along with a background story on The man in the video is his colleague, and he calls him Sato-san, or Mr Sato.

"He's kind of our guinea pig," Simonitch says about Mr. Sato. "If we have some random crazy idea we just say, 'Let's have Mr Sato do it.'"

Mr Simonitch shared with Mashable the other things that Mr Sato have done for Among the images thousands of internet users have seen are this, this, and this.

Asked about Mr Sato's health, Mr Simonitch told Mashable he was doing fine after the giant bacon encounter.

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