Viral Video: Sara Bareilles Heartwarming Debut on "I Choose You" [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles captures two heart-warming real life marriage proposals on her YouTube video 'I Choose You' that will make one grab the tissue.

The 4.12 minute video has already amassed almost 500,000 views and more than 10,000 likes since it was posted on May 5.

At the start of the video, the wordings read: "Sara Bareilles helped two couples propose for her new music video 'I Choose You.' Here's what happened..."

It was followed by a Facebook post from Sarah inviting her followers to let her help plan the best engagement ever.

The first couple was Matt and Chelsea from Los Angeles, California. Matt stated: "I have the most wonderful girl in the world". Matt wanted to propose to Chelsea by leading her down a memory lane of dioramas made of post-it notes.

The second couple was Aly and Andrea from Denver, Colorado. Aly said: "I need you to help sing in my proposal." Aly painted posters that demonstrated their love story and hoped to propose Andrea in front of friends and family.

Both women were blindfolded on the way to the venue with Sarah present at the event singing for the couple.

Needless to say, both women were surprised and touched for tears trickled down their eyes while smiling at the same time as their loved ones asked them to marry.

Of course, both women said YES!

Youtube viewers who have watched the video also shared their feelings. A YouTube user Ketzzy Vargas commented: "'m such a sap for these things. Whatever color, gender, size, race, every proposal makes my eyes sweat for some reason."

Another YouTube user lovely1089 said: "She's so awesome i don't get how she doesnt have way more views on her music videos and this is my favorite song of the album so sweet:)" Another user DreamingInInk423 also said: "Oh my gosh I'm crying so much. This was SO great!"

 For all the happy tears shed and the tissues ripped while watching this music video of Sara Bareilles, the ballad is truly fit for couples be it a marriage proposal, wedding march, or a wedding reception.

Watch the heart-warming YouTube video below.

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