Viral Video: Richard Sherman And Seattle Seahawks at White House Kitchen For U.S. First Lady's 'Let's Cook Campaign' [Watch YouTube Clip]

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NFL Player Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks team surely know athletes and kids have to eat right and stay healthy. A video of their recent visit to the White House's kitchen for U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Cook" campaign amassed over 600,000 views in five days.

At the video, the superstar cornerback can be seen preparing a healthy school lunch with the help of his teammates Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas while the First Lady sidelined as a reporter.

Sherman cited, "This is how champions are made," while putting final touches on the plate. He spoofed his infamous post-game sideline interview with the Fox reporter back in January after winning the 2014 NFC Championship game over San Francisco 49ers.

When Michelle Obama asked Sherman to take her through the final plate, he said, "We the best chefs in the game! So when you try us with an easy meal like salmon cakes and succotash, that's the result you goin' get."

Obama also asked Sherman where he learned to do all the healthy foods in the meal. The NFL player replied, "Well, Ms. Obama, I know how important it is for everybody to eat right. And whether you're a pro athlete or just a kid at school wanting a healthy meal, you got to put the right fuel in your body in order to perform at your best."

YouTube users who have watched the video couldn't agree more. One user Bati Tsogtsaikhan commended the initiative and said during his junior and senior years at Yorktown High school they were literally served with chicken patties with 2 percent milk for the entire school year, except Thanksgiving.

Aside from dropping by at the White House Kitchen, Sherman winded down after the NFL off-season. Over the weekend, Sherman bought his favorite target in wide receiver Dugh Baldwin for their first ever pedicures. Both players have signed again for some profitable off-season deals before going back to the ball games at the start of NFL come September.

Baldwin then turned to the social media Twitter to share his pedicure experience. He tweeted, "Historic day for me today. Got my first pedicure. Look who decided to join."

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign started in Feb. 9, 2010. It was a comprehensive initiative dedicated to solve the challenges of childhood obesity within a generation so that obese children will grow to be healthy adults.

Watch the YouTube video of Richard Sherman and Seattle Seahawks at the White House Kitchen for US First Lady Michelle Obama's 'Let's Cook' Campaign.

Read Richard Sherman's tweet below.

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