Viral Video Rebecca Grant: TV Host Receives Social Media Attention for ‘Boob-Grabbing’ Video at Clippers Game and ‘On-Air Whoopsie’ Video [WATCH]


TV host Rebecca Grant became an Internet celebrity overnight for her "boob-grabbing" video at the Clippers game held last Sunday, May 4, in Los Angeles followed with an "On-Air Whoopsie" video at the FOX411 Los Angeles studio while trying to talk about her instant fame. Both shared videos have received thousands of views on YouTube and Vine.

According to the report, Rebecca Grant appeared at the FOX411 studio in Los Angeles to talk about the social media attention she received for the "boob adjustment" video captured during the Clippers Game. However, the TV host got distracted in the middle of the interview and it resulted to another viral YouTube video titled "Rebecca Grant's on-air whoopsie."

Credit: YouTube/Fox News

"Stop it! I'm sorry. This isn't live," the former FHM model yelled at her friend named Rob who was off-camera. Then, Rebecca looked at her friend and stated: "What? I already said that. Stop it. Go away."

Perhaps Rob was re-enacting the "boob-grabbing" incident at the Clippers game to distract Rebecca or maybe he was just doing something else to annoy the TV host. Rebecca Grant claimed in the Mirror report that she did not notice the cameras situated just two rows in front from where she was standing. Click HERE to watch the video.

The TV host further added that she had no idea that her videos will become viral. Rebecca Grant posted on her Twitter account @rebeccagrants her reaction to the captured video on Sunday and even re-posted the clip that was already being shared on the Internet.

Ms Grant described the video to be the funniest thing that she ever saw and continued to insist that she had no idea she was being filmed. As for her sudden fame, Rebecca Grant did not hesitate to answer the questions during the FOX411 interview.

"I'm hoping that this entire experience makes me verified by Twitter because I've been a sports fanatic for a long time. I support a lot of teams. I have lots of professional players following me. They love my tweets," Rebecca Grant shared.

Over 80,000 Twitter followers of Rebecca Grant can expect the appearance of the viral video star at the Clipper's game this Friday. "I have almost the exact same seats. In fact; I think I should be an employee. I'm the biggest clippers fan in all of Los Angeles," Ms Grant stated.

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