Viral Video Pregnancy News: Young Boy Reacts To Mom's 'Exasperating' Pregnancy News, Asks Mom To Buy Him Ear Plugs

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A young boy has caught the attention of numerous viewers on the Internet for his reaction to his mom's pregnancy news. In the viral video, mom Shanee Gibson Hart shared the news to her son, Tré, who did not handle the announcement very well.

According to a Metro report, Shannee Gibson Hart uploaded the video on her Facebook page to share how her son reacted to the pregnancy news. "My husband and I been keeping a secret from Tré, finally told him and he was not happy," Hart posted as a caption to the shared video.

The clip begins with mom confirming to her son that she is pregnant. "What were you thinking?" the upset young boy asked after hearing the pregnancy news. Tré further asked his mom why she would want another baby when she already has two.

In the video, Tré can be seen sitting next to his younger sister in a car seat. "This is exasperating," the young boy added.

Tré kept explaining to his mom in the video that he does not approve of the pregnancy because he already has a younger sister. Another reason why Tré got upset is because he must deal with the cries of a newborn baby. The video ends with Tré asking for ear plugs and the mom agrees.

KTLA5 News shared on their Facebook page the news about the young boy's reaction video going viral on the Internet. The KTLA5 News Facebook post about Tré's viral video garnered over 20,000 likes and over 4,000 shares. Click HERE to watch the viral video.

The video also garnered mixed reactions from the comments posted on the Facebook page. Some found Tré's reaction to the pregnancy news hilarious and some were impressed with Tre's vocabulary while the others suggested the video was scripted, rehearsed and staged.

According to a KTLA5 News report, Shanee Hart shared the video on her Facebook page on Wednesday, Aug. 20, and it has been shared over 190,000 times. Shanee Hart also published the video on her YouTube channel on Aug. 20 with the title "MOMMYS BIG SECRET J THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!!!" At the moment, the video has garnered over 800,000 views on YouTube.

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