Viral Video: Pig Braves Hawaiian Waves To Surf

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A YouTube video showing a pig surfing in Hawaii caught the attention of online masses. Viewers who saw the video were surprised to see a pig practically riding the waves in Hawaii.

The surfing pig's name is Kama and it's the mascot for Hawaii's Sandy Beach Park on the island of Oahu.

According to the Independent, its owner, Kai Holt, first discovered the pig's penchant for swimming when he fell into the pool. Then, he figured if it can swim, then it could probably also surf.

"I was like 'oh he can swim - guarantee he can surf'," Holt said in the GoPro video below.

Holt recalled the surfing pig was a mere piglet, less than a week old, when it was welcomed into the family.

Holt said Kama's first surfing experience started when it trailed after him into the water. Then, his pet pig just "jumped onto the board" and joined him while he paddled out to surf.

Kama is no professional surfer, but according to his owner, "he knows what he's doing."

"When we start curling he'll back up and let the nose up out the water and when we start levelling off again he'll go straight back to the nose," Kai explained in the video.

Kama's hoofs are reportedly very strong as they "just lock right in on the board," according to his owner. Kai said his pig's surfing experience is marked on his board. Anyone who will look close enough will "see all the hoof prints on the nose."

Time reports Kama is not challenged by the waves. It would even stand tall on the board's nose while its owner paddles behind him. From the GoPro camera strapped to its back, viewers can see that the pig loves the salty waters. Although he gets wiped out by the waves, he swims back up to join his owner and surf again.

Kama the surfing pig is now gaining popularity, according to nbcnews. As of date, Kama's surfing video on YouTube has gained more than 2 million views with 14,000+ likes. The video was posted on Aug 6. Kai Holt claimed his pet has liked to surf against strong currents, preferrably in three to four feet of the Hawaiian waves.

Source: YouTube/GoPro

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