Viral Video: Most 'Sexy' Model Video Ever [Watch YouTube Clip]

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A YouTube video entitled, "The Most Important Sexy Model Video Ever," released by Save the Children USA went viral after it amassed 1.8 million views in a matter of six days.

The 2.17-minute long video used sex appeal strategy to express the dire needs of mothers and children in war-scarred areas with the goal to make the netizens make their move and lend a helping hand. During the course of the video production, 12 fashion models from New York were invited to shoot for a sexy commercial and so they did.

They were asked to read aloud the cue cards. The first few lines were easy.

"What is sexy?"

"What are your deepest desires?"

"Lust is my mistress."

Then halfway through the shoot, the models were asked to read a sobering fact about the hapless situation of mothers and children across the world.

"Almost 800 mothers and 18,000 young children die each day, mostly from preventable causes."

"In 2012, 6.6 million children under aged 5 died. Half of them were living in fragile and conflict areas and most of their deaths could have been prevented."

"Almost 800 mothers and 18,000 young children die each day, mostly from preventable causes."

"There are 2.2 billion children in the world, 40 percent of them are living in countries with armed conflict."

"In a democratic Republic of Congo, one out of every seven children died before their 5th birthday."

 "For every person killed in an armed conflict, as many as 15 died from secondary preventable causes: malnutrition, diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria."

One of the models walked out while one model said the lines in the cue cards were not sexy statements. One model claimed she did not feel sexy reading the lines. Another model stated it's hard to make some of the words sound sexy.

The director then explained to the fashion models that none of the case is sexy but are actually serious. At present, there are 80 million people who are living and dying in affected areas by armed conflict and natural disasters. More than 60 million of them are women and children.

In the end, the fashion models said they made the video sexy, but it deserves your attention.

According to an article from The Inspiration Room, Save the Children President and CEO Carolyn Miles said: "That's why we set out to create a video that will not only grab people's attention, but also get them to act. We know that talking about mothers and babies struggling to survive during war and disaster isn't sexy. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be doing something about it."

But did the campaign puts the message across?

Comments from the YouTube users are diverse. There were users who commended that it was a great video, but there was also one viewer who ridiculed it was a bad press to clump women with children. There was also one comment suggesting the Save the Children campaign could have been better to use ordinary people for the campaign instead of the pampered models.

Watch the video from YouTube.



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