Viral Video Missouri Mall: Back-To-School Promo Of East Hills Mall In Missouri Goes Viral As Terrible Mall Ad [WATCH VIDEO]

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East Hills Shopping Center in St. Joseph, Missouri, created an ad for its back-to-school promo that became viral on the Internet. However, the Missouri mall ad became a hit not because the viewers found the brief commercial video a "terrible" one.

In the 30-second ad, employees from East Hills Shopping Center were featured where they sang the items that customers can grab at the mall like boots, pants, haircuts, backpacks and new shoes. There is also a girl in the video that sings the name of the Missouri mall.

The participants in the ad were singing the items in a jingle to a tune that was set to beat boxing. YouTube username or account Potatoflesh shared the video titled "Terrible Mall Commercial" on Sunday, Aug. 17, with "Now that's a catchy tune!" as the video description. According to a Daily News report, comments from viewers started to pour out after watching the mall commercial.

"Worst advert ever created #fail #advertising It even hurts to watch it!" a YouTube commenter posted. Meanwhile, another commenter questioned if the mall ad was a joke and if the company really meant to air the advertisement.

However, Suddenlink Media producer-director-editor Chris Fleck explained he was familiar with the concept of the ad and even hoped it will become viral after the team pitched the idea of the commercial.

"And it did. If you can entertain and get your message in, you've accomplished your goal. I just love that it's getting this much response," Fleck shared to local FOX 26 KNPN.

Caroline Thalasinos, the general manager of the Missouri mall, shared to Daily News that traffic on the mall's website has increased after the ad was released. The stores featured in the ad also had an increase in phone calls and customers visiting the stores.

Thalasinos shared she found the ad funny and catchy when she first saw it. The general manager further added the team members who worked on the video had no intentions of winning an award for their commercial.

At the moment, the viral Missouri mall ad video has reached over 1.6 million views on YouTube since it got published last Aug. 17, 2014. Have a look at the viral video below.

Credit: YouTube/Potatoflesh

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