Viral Video: Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Michael Jackson fans are still raving about him few years after his death. So as a tribute to the King of Pop, American actor Justin Timberlake features him in the official video of his lead single "Love Never Felt So Good."

The video clip has been uploaded on YouTube and has already generated over 3.2 million views and almost 82,000 likes in just a matter of two days.

The fast-paced video clip showcases some of Michael Jackson's most iconic dance moves throughout his career interspersed with the 33-year-old singer and his friends simultaneously mimicking the moves in a re-created area.

YouTube users who have watched the viral video could not help be mesmerized by the iconic moves of both stars. One user Miguel Veloso stated: "best. song. and. music. video. EVAAAAAHHHHHHH." Another user Theo Campbell commented: "Wow JT and a Jackson, only no nipples are shown this time!" Still another user Catia Cavallucci stated: "Wow!Magic! I adore you Michael!Justin you are amazing!A video full of love!Stop hate,enjoy this beautiful song!"

On the other hand, there are also YouTube users who are more inclined towards Michael Jackson than Justin Timberlake. One user named Izzytoofly stated: " am a huge fan of Michael jackson, but i feel that his vocals are sort of muted purposely by the producers!It almost sounds like his vocals are used for the background while Justin Timberlakes voice is will see a huge a difference listening to the original ,which i like best!Does anyone feel the same way? =/!The song is cool but...why use Mj's voice as a background when its his song??"

The track "Love Never Felt So Good" is part of Michael Jackson's album "XSCAPE" which debuted on Wednesday. It was originally written by the King of Pop and Paul Anka which was first recorded in 1983.

The caption on the video clip mentioned that the album XCAPE is the second posthumous compilation of Michael Jackson's previously unreleased tracks which was produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid. Aside from the track "Love Never Felt So Good," the album also includes Chicago, Loving You, A Place with No Name, Slave to the Rhythm, Do You Know Where Your Children Are, Blue Gangsta, and Xcape.

Although there are varied reviews from critics on the Xcape album in general, Justin Timberlake's version of the track "Love Never Felt So Good" stands out from the pack. It is now available in iTunes and Music Unlimited, and Amazon.

Watch the video clip from YouTube.

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