Viral Video Michael Jackson Dance: King of Pop's Hit Single 'Billie Jean' Back at the Billboard Charts

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The King of Pop may be gone but his music continues to live on. High school student Brett Nichols' recent viral video of his Michael Jackson dance moves to the song titled "Billie Jean" made the 1982 hit single make an appearance once again on the Billboard charts.

The Billboard report confirms that Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" song revisited the Hot 100 where 95 percent of its chart points came from the viral video streaming. "It debuts on the Streaming Songs chart at No. 2 thanks to the stylings of Brett Nichols, a junior at Pitman High School in Turlock, Calif. Nichols performed Jackson's iconic dance sequence from 1983's 'Motown 25' TV special for his school's talent show, with the clip featuring the song's original audio," the report reads.

Additionally, the Guardian reports the performance of the young teenager at the Talent Rally had a strong impact to the viewers and attracted the music lovers to the song to remember the late music icon. According to the Music Times report, the viral video has already received over 15 million views on YouTube since Pitman Daily Announcements published the "Talent Rally Highlights 2014" video last Wednesday, May 21.

In the viral video, Brett Nichols' Michael Jackson performance kicked off close to the 1:11 mark where he showed the King of Pop's signature dance moves including the famous moonwalk that impressed the crowd and made them loudly cheer.

The brief description on the YouTube video further confirmed that Brett Nichols won the event. "This video was used for our in-house announcements broadcast to feature all of our rally participants and give props to our Talent Show Champion --- Yes MJ won!" the message reads.

The Music Times report further noted that "Billie Jean" grabbed the top spot at the Billboard charts during its initial run back in 1982. The single stayed at the top spot for seven weeks.

Aside from "Billie Jean," there is another Michael Jackson hit song that has crawled its way back to the Billboard charts. After the 2013 Halloween event, "Thriller" surfaced on the Hot 100 taking the No. 42 spot at the music chart.

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