Viral Video Michael Jackson Dance: High School Student Performs 'Billie Jean' at Pitman High School Talent Rally [WATCH]

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A Pitman High School junior student joined the school's annual Talent Rally and his performance became a viral video. Brett Nichols danced to the late Michael Jackson's hit single titled "Billie Jean" and the audience was impressed with his moves as good as the King of Pop's especially with the signature moonwalk.

The viral video shared on YouTube titled "Talent Rally Highlights 2014" showed the participants either singing or dancing but the focus was really on the student doing the Michael Jackson dance. The outstanding Michael Jackson performance starts at approximately the 1:11 mark of the video that Pitman Daily Announcements produced as the highlight to the school's event.

Additionally, Pitman High School's Video Arts class produced the announcements as well as the video sketches. The description in the viral YouTube video simply stated that the Michael Jackson performer won.

According to the Turlock City News report, Pitman High School shared the video on social networking site Facebook on Wednesday, May 21, right after midnight. Musician Jaydeep Bhatia, a Pitman graduate, saw the video and decided to share it on Reddit for others to have a look.

"I just knew it belonged on reddit, so I posted and the rest is history," Bhatia stated and now the video immediately went viral. The report further noted that the video has already garnered over 2,400 upvotes with over 500 comments and secured the No. 2 spot in the Videos subreddit where over 5 million people are subscribed.

A number of major news agencies heard the buzz on the high school student's Michael Jackson performance and reported the story like the television stations in Wisconsin and the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. The MTV News report even described Brett Nichols' performance to be better than the King of Pop's hologram at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. reports the award show's producer Dick Clark Productions created the special state at the back of the MGM Grand Arena for the Sunday night hologram "Slave to the Rhythm" performance of Michael Jackson. The King of Pop appeared with his signature look that consists of a gold jacket, white T-shirt and brick red trousers.

Meanwhile, have a look at the viral video below of the Pitman High School junior student Brett Nichols dancing and lip-syncing to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" at the Pitman Talent Rally event.

Credit: YouTube/PDA - Pitman Daily Annoucements

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