Viral Video Michael Jackson Dance: Brett Nichols Releases New Video for King of Pop's Single 'Smooth Criminal'

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High school student Brett Nichols got recognized through the viral YouTube video of his Michael Jackson dance moves to the hit song "Billie Jean" at Pitman High School's annual Talent Rally. The teenage dancer showed again his dance moves in an exclusive video released to Today Entertainment using the King of Pop's other hit song titled "Smooth Criminal" this time.

According to the Today Entertainment report, the Nichols family drove to San Francisco on Saturday, May 31, where Brett's brother filmed his new Michael Jackson dance video. Brett Nichols revealed that the video is another addition out there to show that he is more than "Billie Jean." Click HERE to watch the video.

"It's not like we have extensive production values," Nichols stated. The teenager's viral "Billie Jean" video reached the Jackson's estate and they contacted the viral video star by sending a congratulations note, a bag of goodies and an invitation to the live Las Vegas performance of "Michael Jackson ONE" on the King of Pop's birthday.

Brett Nichols has secured as well an agent after the success of his "Billie Jean" video. The Today Entertainment report further noted that Nichols' manager announced their plan of a "Thriller" video remake which is set to be ready before the month of June ends.  

The high school student finds his new-found fame incredible and tiring. "It has its ups and downs. My parents were pretty speechless that I was getting so much attention for something I'd been doing for so long," Nichols shared.

As for the biggest life lesson on his instant fame, Brett Nichols revealed that it has to be how people sees or treats a person because they are now coming up to him asking for an autograph. "I'm like, 'You slurred me last year but whatever you want, thanks for the support'," the young dancer shared.

Meanwhile, the interest on Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" continues to expand. The Stir reports about a group of five guys from Denmark called "The Bottle Boys" performing the hit single with the technique of blowing into empty bottles. Click HERE to watch video. The group's YouTube channel description claims everything can be played with the use of bottles.

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