Viral Video: Meet the Man With Seven Lives And a Winning Lotto Ticket [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Who says only the cats have nine lives? Apparently, there is a man with seven lives and a winning lotto ticket.

An animated video of a man's life has been uploaded on YouTube. This has gone viral earning 800,000 views and over 8,000 likes since it was published on May 1. According to the video owner, This and That Visuals, the 2.53-minute long video was strange but a true story. The animated video has an accompanying voice over narrating how the man cheated death seven times.

Meet the Croatian music teacher, Frane Selak. His first brush of death was when he was riding on a train going from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik in 1962. While other passengers were killed in the crash, he managed to escape death with a broken arm when the train jumped off the track and felt down into an icy river. 

While he was on transit via an airplane the next year, the airplane experienced some problems mid-flight. As the train plummeted to the ground, a door flew open and Selak was sucked out of the airplane. He landed on a haystack and suffered only minor injuries while the plane crushed to the side of the hill killing all 99 passengers aboard.

Selaks' third death defying experience happened while he was riding a bus. The bus skidded into the bridge killing four passengers. Then in another event, the car he drove caught fire and he luckily got off the car before it burst into huge flames.

The year after, Selak's car also went on fire. But this time, the flame was directly toward his face through the air vest. He also survived the incident with the loss of his hair. He was also hit by a bus in 1995 and sustained only minor injuries from the accident.

Finally, the year after he was forced off the road when the car he drove met a truck directly coming at him around the road's bend. The car plummeted down 300 feet below and exploded into flames but Selak somehow managed to hang his life on a tree somewhere down the cliff.

With the seven lives that Selak has, he lived up to a ripe old age of 74. For the first time in 40 years, Selak bought a lottery ticket and ended up winning $1 million.

Indeed, he was the luckiest unlucky man to ever live.

Watch the animated video Mr. Selak's life on YouTube.

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