Viral Video of Man Whose Marriage Proposal Was Rejected by GF Because of Small Penis (VIDEOS)

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A rejected marriage proposal that went viral gave birth to another viral video on how the rejected boyfriend searched for ways to have a bigger penis.

Patrick Moote, an American comedian, recovered from the thumbs down made by his girlfriend to his televised wedding proposal because she found his genital too small. This prompted Mr Moote to search for ways on how to make his member bigger - from pumps to pills to injections. He calls the movie a cockumentary.

So far, the trailer for the cockumentary has almost 700,000 hits.

Mr Moote admitted that he wasn't totally surprised by his ex-girlfriend's response, telling Huffington Post, "It's not like I didn't know that is was kind of a problem. I see my penis every day, so I was kind of aware of what was going on."

Now that everybody knows his dick size, Mr Moote is back in the dating game and there are no more surprises for him and his date. In fact, some of his dates are even surprised that he does have a penis, which confirms the adage that although size matters most of the time, if your male anatomy is small, you can compensate for it by working on the quality or how you use it, not quantity or how large it is.

Here's the entire cockumentary.

YouTube/vera MOVIE

If Mr Moote's problem was its too small, actor Jonah Falcon's problem is on the opposite end, and he made an MTV about his big penis which also went viral with more than 1.5 million views.

YouTube/Adam Barta Official You Tube Channel

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