Viral Video: Living Moments - Lumia Arc of Wonder - #LumiaMoments [Watch YouTube Clip]

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After the computer software company Microsoft completed its takeover of the Finnish mobile phone company Nokia, it comes up with a trippy photo tour of New York City. The video entitled "Living Moments - Lumia Arc of Wonder - #LumiaMoments" has gone viral on YouTube and has already amassed almost 250,000 views in just two days.

The viral video was created by filmmaker Paul Trillo using 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 units mounted on an arc. It showcased typical new York scenes presented in a bullet time effect to the soundtrack of "Robots" by The John Brother's Piano Company.

The video clip showed a series of photos in a slightly nauseating effect. Most of the pictures depicted are pedestrians walking along the busy metropolitan street such as a girl with hood walking in the sidewalk, a group of men walking with one man holding a walker, and two ladies walking on the pavement. It also showed a lady riding a scooter with a group of people waiting to cross the street in the background.

The video also featured people who are just simply enjoying the city life like the man standing beside a tree with a girl behind him sitting on the sidewalk while reading. It also shows a group of people sitting on the benches with one couple sharing a book. There was also a picture of a father carrying his son on the shoulders in the park, a lady taking a picture, and a lady sitting on the park with birds all around her. There were also two girls talking in the staircase, and a group of friends watching a lady wearing fashionable attire.

It also included the business that can be found along a large city like New York. There was a sidewalk newspaper stand, vegetable stand, and people buying from a store. Included also in the video clip are taxi drivers on their cab, and several cars moving along the street.

There were also dancing scenes captured in the video just like the man dancing on the yard and a couple in the park. There were also basketball players on the court, several pairs of chess players on their respective tables, and a guy riding his roller blades,

Landscape scenes were also included in the viral video such as an empty street, wall of tall buildings, empty park, a wide area angle of the park, a man standing amidst the trees in a late afternoon.

According to the note found at the end of the video, Nokia 1020 devices were designed for the the Windows 8 mobile platform app on a Microsoft Surface tablet. Multiple devices can be controlled wireless and simultaneously to allow mobility.

Although the viral video on Lumia Arc of Wonder was clearly an advertising campaign, one YouTube user Best of YTChannel stated that it has been selected by YouTube as one of the best  Commercial/Advert videos.

 Watch the viral video of Living Moments - Lumia Arc of Wonder - #LumiaMoments from YouTube.

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