Viral Video Kevin Droniak Grandma: Teenager Shows Grandma Their Videos Together, Grandma Gives Priceless Reaction

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A teenage boy and his grandma became Internet stars after he shared videos of their conversations in the car on YouTube back in 2012. Kevin Droniak, 17, finally told his grandma the truth by showing her the videos and expected her to be mad about it but the reaction she gave was really priceless.

In early August, Kevin Droniak showed his grandma their videos on YouTube for the first time. The teenager also told his grandma that it has been going on for two years now and she is just oblivious.

Droniak was expecting his grandma to be angry but she laughed while watching the videos shared on YouTube as well as Vine. "I'm glad you're laughing, I though you'll be mad," Kevin Droniak stated in the shared YouTube video titled "Showing My Grandma Her Videos For The First Time!"

In the revelation video, Kevin Droniak further revealed to his grandma that people love their funny videos together. The adorable duo even read the comments posted on Kevin's YouTube channel "thiskidneedsmedicine."

Grandma was surprised that over 100,000 people love her with some declaring that they want her to be their grandma. "You're the best YouTube channel ever," Kevin's grandma read one YouTube comment in amazement.

When Kevin asked his grandma what she thought of the camera placed in her car, the adorable lady responded that she knew her grandson was up to something. The duo's captured videos featured their hilarious conversations and several drive-thru visits.

Kevin Droniak also confessed to his grandma that he lied to her sometimes. The teenager has convinced his grandma that famous music artists go to his school like Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Katy Perry and Beyonce. Additionally, Kevin's grandma had no idea what was happening with their question and answer portion in the car with the inquiries ranging from using Internet slang, adoption, where babies come from, how to play Flappy Bird and what grandma looks for in a man.

After the big revelation, Kevin Droniak admitted in a Huff Post Teen report that his grandmother became more cautious when a camera is around. However, the teenage boy assured his over 160,000 YouTube channel subscribers that he will still capture and share the videos of his ride with his grandma. Have a look at the video below of Kevin Droniak revealing to his grandma her YouTube stardom.

Credit: YouTube/thiskidneedsmedicine

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