Viral Video: Internet Baby Advert Gets Almost 25 Million Hits in YouTube in 3 Months

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A viral video baby video in the Internet has gone viral and generated 24.8 million hits in just three months. The video, the most viral advertisements in  India for MTS Telecom's 4GPlus Network, features a tech-savvy baby the moment he comes out of his mum's womb, reports Business Insider.

Right after being born, the infant is shown grabbing the tablet from his dad who was filming the event then cuts his own umbilical cord and shakes it like a rattle.

The baby the takes his selfies and posts them on Instagram, in the process selecting the perfect filter for the photo. A physician faints upon seeing what happens, while the baby walks away from the delivery room to the amazement of his parents.

The 1-minute commercial ends with the advert's tagline that says "Born for the internet."

While the advert is funny, others find it also disturbing. While it is impossible for newborns to do what the infant did in the commercial, how tykes easily adapt to technology is both amazing and alarming, mirroring what's happening to today's kids trapped into the technology world very early in life.

There are, for instance, reports that kids as young as four as addicted to iPads, video games and YouTube clips even before they go to school. At the same time, because of their early exposure to technology, young people easily adapt to technology, unlike their parents who have taken a longer time in getting used to smartphones and tablets.

Ironically, what some netizens wrote on the YouTube comments section is the baby not looking Indian enough, which Thyalwayseek blamed on western programming. But Kabir  Singh Kang pointed out that Indian skin colour ranged from white to dark brown.

Others, however, commented on the advert's theme.

2Guitarguy2 wrote, "This is what the world will be like soon. Babies using google as they're born. God help up." MrPOPCORNpro333 agreed, noting that "humans are way to(o) dependent on technology" which he considers embarrassing.

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