Viral Video: Girlfriend from Hell Slaps, Humiliates BF in Public

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A couple fighting in public is quite a common sight that such a scene would often only merit a few seconds of glance, nod of the head to indicate disagreement with the public display of disaffection and then moving on towards one's destination.

But it would be a different case if one of the couple was shouting out loud and the woman was continuously slapping her boyfriend while the man is down on his knees.

That scenario did actually happen, according to this viral video ( posted and shared in various social media sites and has since received over 250,000 hits.

The incident appears to have happened in a Chinese city based on the physical appearance of the people in the 6-minute, 30-second video and the obviously Asian language used. The girlfriend from hell, wearing a maroon blouse and black leggings, was continuously berating her boyfriend, accusing him of cheating on her.

The other woman appears to be the female beside her wearing a black T-shirt and floral-printed pants. However, instead of venting her ire on her rival, she displayed it toward him.

The subtitles would allow English-speaking viewers to understand the flow of the exchange of angry words mainly between the young couple. Girlfriend was verifying if he asked the other woman to go to his flat, but he denied it, causing the girlfriend to get angrier.

He kept on denying, while she insisted he was lying and even brought other girls to his apartment. While their public argument was ongoing, comments were heard from the background asking why is the girl treating her boyfriend like that and why does he have to be kneeling.

Some of the spectators start to comment, with one saying she is a bitch and another urging the guy to dump the monster girlfriend who slapped him during the entire fight about seven times.

Told by the bystanders that what she is doing is wrong, the angry woman shot back that it is none of their business. The video ends with the argument unresolved.

The video elicited a lot of comments on social media, with majority of the commenters siding with the battered boyfriend. One of them, most likely a mum, said she wouldn't allow her son to have a girlfriend like the woman in the video.

Here are some more comments from social media:

"What a shame! No matter how much someone hurt you, I don't believe in taking matters into your own hands like that ... she's dangerous." - WhatsTrendingWithGee

"a girl like that deserves to be alone." - David Aylmer

"Must be a triad boss daughter." - Amboi Villanueva

"She is freak'n ugly and what heck is her right to publicise the act of slapping?" - Yebbey Leonde

"Lah. If it's my son, I will freaking disowned him and I will slap the bitch." - Low Lim Connie

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