Viral Video: Fourth of July Theft on a Beach in Florida Caught on Camera [WATCH VIDEO]

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Don't even think that you are safe from thieves just because it's the Fourth of July and there are celebrations everywhere, complete with fireworks, parties and drinking. In fact, those who want to steal things actually take advantage of such celebrations because they know that most people are too distracted or drunk to care about their belongings. But, thanks to the technology of smartphones, tablets, phablets and other video recording gadgets, it's much easier to catch these thieves in the act of their crimes. Check out the viral video of a Fourth of July theft on a beach in Florida which was caught on camera and featured here. It was posted on YouTube on July 5, 2014 and as of this writing, it already has 2,898,928 views on YouTube with 14,171 likes and 214 dislikes.

Before checking out the said viral video uploaded by YouTube user Flicky Rich, here's a little background about what happened on that fateful day.

The recent Fourth of July 2014 was supposed to be a relaxing day for a guy and his family. They decided to chill out at the New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Unfortunately, things soon got stressful and ugly when he saw two women who are stealing his things, including a beach canopy!

He didn't want to startle the women so he approached them innocently asking if the beach canopy was theirs and if they wanted some help. One of the two women said yes it's theirs but they don't know how to prop the canopy up. She even asked him if he knows how to fix it.

However, he soon revealed to them that what they are dismantling are actually his things, including his kids' stuff. The women tried to act cool and pretend that they made an honest mistake by thinking that his things were theirs.

But, the woman in the red bathing suit got irked when she realised that what they have done had been caught on camera. She demanded that the camera be turned off. Unfortunately, the guy who caught them didn't want to do so, that's why she proceeded to attack him.

According to whotv, the two women already disappeared by the time police officers arrived at the scene. Luckily for them, their victims didn't want to press charges anymore. But if they did pursue the case, the women could be held accountable for simple battery and grand theft charges.

And that's the viral video of a Fourth of July theft on a beach in Florida which was caught on camera. For more viral video stories like these, as well as other news, keep reading the International Business Times (IBT).

Watch the viral video of a Fourth of July theft on a beach in Florida which was caught on camera below:


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