Viral Video Features 'The Fault in Our Stars' Movie Soundtrack 'Not About Angels' [Watch YouTube Clip]

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The film adaptation of John Green's international bestselling novel "The Fault in Our Stars" stays on the top spot of Billboard 200. The movie sound track "Not About Angels" becomes a YouTube hit after it earned almost 350,000 views in YouTube in just five days.

The music video shows the British-singer songwriter Birdy with her long curly hair wearing a white dress. She is playing with a large piano while singing the lyrics of the song at one side of the room located in a tall building. Her location is overlooking a lake below the building. Trees and tall buildings can also be found at the other side of the lake.

There is also another version of Birdy still with her long wavy hair wearing a floor-length dress with stars design. Her image is interspersed with her other image playing the piano all throughout the music video. On the black dress, Birdy is initially seen singing the song while lying, stars visible around here. Towards the end, she walks towards her other image and the two finishes the song side by side.

YouTube users who have watched the movie sound track could not help but get mushy. One user youdon'tknowmyname said: "This song is so beautiful, I just tear up every time I hear it, I just don't know, there's something special about it that it makes me get so attached to it. It's just lovely. It's my new lullaby."

While those who watched the movie "'The Fault in Our Stars" and those who watched the YouTube video had shed bucket of tears, the British-singer songwriter also had her share. In an article at Celebuzz, she revealed that she was so moved.

"One song's very sad - "Not About Angels" - it's about being in love but feeling that she's [Hazel] a grenade and realizing that doesn't matter," Birdy stated. She has three songs on the movie's star-studdied soundtrack. The song "Not About Angels" is the inspirational message of the story and was played at a particularly vulnerable portion of the movie.

According to an article from Bustle, "The Fault in Our Stars" Movie Soundtrack "Not About Angels" already beats the never-ending juggernaut of Disney's "Frozen" in just a month after the release.

Watch "The Fault in Our Stars" Movie Sound Track "Not About Angels" on YouTube.

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