Viral Video 'Family Feud' Fail: Performance Video of Contestant Anna Sass Not Getting the 18 Points Needed to Win Goes Viral

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Contestant Anna Sass and her family had to re-live their performance in "Family Feud" as the popular game show re-broadcast the episode recently. What happened at the final round became a viral video and it has received mixed reactions from users on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In the viral video, host Steve Harvey revealed to Anna that her family already has 182 points and she only needs 18 points in order for the Sass family to take home the prize worth $20,000. Anna tried her best to answer the five poll questions asked but her efforts ended up getting zilch.

Ms Sass actually gave the top answers to the survey questions but Tim, Anna's dad, already mentioned them so she had to think of the other top answers. Unfortunately, Anna's answers did not earn her any points. All she received in the end was hugs from her family members.

The viral "Family Feud Fail" video immediately became a hot topic on the Internet with mixed reactions posted from those who watched it either feeling sorry for the contestant or criticizing her. Some of the comments defended Anna by pointing out that the contestant just got pressured with the number of points needed in order to get the prize and it made her struggle with the answers, some found the video being spread on social media sites to be a harsh move while the E!News report described Anna as the worst player in "Family Feud" history.

According to the Huffpost TV report, Anna Sass, a general manager of a PR agency, revealed that the "Family Feud" episode broadcast last Tuesday was filmed in 2013. Anna told the site on Wednesday that watching the episode brought back all of the emotions that she felt particularly the feeling that she disappointed her family.

Despite the unfortunate experience at the game show, Anna shared that they all had a great time and still laugh at their whole "Family Feud" experience. Have a look at the viral YouTube video below titled "Family Feud Fail Is One For The Game Show Ages" featuring Anna and the rest of the Sass family from Stockton, California.

Credit: YouTube/RightWingHunter666

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