Viral Video: Electric Eel Zaps Hungry Alligator With 600 Volts, Both Sea Creatures Dead

By @ibtimesau on

Reptiles, it seems, are losing a lot of battles against other fierce animals, whether the fight was on water or land.

Recently a snake in Australia ate a crocodile after a five-hour battle.

On Monday, RYOT reported another reptile war between a hungry alligator and an electric eel. The battle wasn't lopsided in favour of the gator which is bigger in size than the fish.

However, electrical eels have secret weapons against larger predators. According to National Geographic, when these fish are threatened or attacked, they are capable of generating electricity of at least 600 volts or at least five times the power of a standard wall socket in the U.S.

The video taken in the Amazon, and actually has been posted in YouTube as early as 2009, had more than 500,000 hits since then. What happened is a classic battle as the eel zapped the hungry alligator.

However, there was no winner since both creatures died while fighting for their lives and meal, in the case of the reptile.

In reposting the viral video, RYOT used the story to push for more support for pro-environment groups like Nature Conservancy.

In another viral video posted six months ago and with more than 2.3 million views, it was the croc's turn to win as it battled with a bull shark.

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