Viral Video: Dudes Dancing in Fierce Heels to the Spice Girls, Beat that Victoria Beckham! [VIDEO]

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Three dudes are taking over England with their fierce high heels and sexy dance moves are they dance their hearts out to the Spice Girls hits. Yanis Marshall's YouTube dance videos are taking over the web as it garnered millions of views and have changed the way people conceived on men's performance.

Born in France, Yanis Marshall is one of the few men in his country that offer dance classes in heels, both for men and women. When people asked him "Why in heel?" he would simply respond to, "Why not?"

More than anything else, the heels are Yanis favorite accessory in dance. Wearing the killer heels is also his way of showing that he fully accepts himself and does not want to impose limits to his own creativity. He considers Madonna as his idol as he challenge established codes.

A teacher, dance and choreographer, Yanis began dancing at an early age and by age 11 he was accepted in the prestigious dance school in Cannes, the Rosella Hightower. His training in school allowed him to have a solid technique and fuels his artistic sensibility.

 With only four students and two classes per week, the young choreographer didn't give when he started his own dance class. But thanks to his dedication and motivation to succeed, he was invited by other dance professionals to give master classes throughout France.

From humble beginnings, Yanis is now teaching amateur dancers to professional dancers ad teaches Street jazz, Lyricall Jazz and New Cabaret in Heels at Studio Harmonic. Long before his Spice Girls video went viral, the dancer has been gaining a lot of followers thanks to his internet stardom with his in-studio performances.

Here's an excerpt of an interview conducted by Chelsea Fagan posted in Thought Catalog.

TC: Did you set out to become internet famous?

YM: No, and I don't think that you really can. I think that if you set out to be famous, and you're constantly pushing your stuff on people, no one will care about it. I don't want to be the best dancer or the most popular, I just want to do the things that I like and be true to myself. If you're doing something that isn't honest or isn't what you care about, people can tell. They're not stupid, you know?

TC: What made you decide to do your performances in heels?

YM: I started doing it a few years ago, and it just kind of caught on! People seemed to like it, and I enjoyed it. It never really seemed like a big deal to me, it's just that a lot of these dances - when they are choreographed for the star - are performed in heels. It seemed natural.

TC: You dance to a lot of different artists from different eras, who do you think is the best performer right now?

YM: Beyoncé is the best overall, no question. She has the best look, the best music, the best overall image. She is a pure diva. She knows who to surround herself with, and that is the most important part of being an artist right now. You have to know who to work with, because no one could do it alone, and whoever you pick to do your choreography is going to be a reflection on you.

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