Viral Video Dog Magic Trick: Dogs React to Vanishing Treat Trick of Finnish Magician Jose Ahonen [WATCH]

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Jose Ahonen, a Finnish magician and mentalist, recently shared on YouTube a cute video of dogs reacting to his simple magic trick of making the dog treats vanish in front of them. The dog's puzzled reactions are just priceless that even though they do not speak, viewers can notice the dogs looking for the lost dog treat with the question "Hey, where did it go?" in their minds.

The video with the title "Magic for Dogs" was initially uploaded on YouTube last Friday, March 21, and it became viral with already over 8 million views at present time. According to the Examiner report, the video has captured the magician's test on trust between humans and animals and their reactions to magic.

"My name is Jose Ahonen. I'm a magician & mentalist. Today we are going to find out, how dogs react to magic," Mr Ahonen declared as the introduction to his magic video. The Daily News report noted that the video has pulled in 4.5 millions views in just three days after sharing it on YouTube where the different adorable dogs were tricked.

Credit: YouTube/Jose Ahonen

"Each one reacted slightly differently to his magic, some becoming angry and others sad. But all appeared to be extremely puzzled," the report reads. The results were hilarious as the dogs either look puzzled at Mr Ahonen, sniff on the floor to find the dog treat, bark at the magician or run away from him.

In the video, the magician himself can be heard laughing at the dogs' reactions as well as the filming team and possibly the dog owners. Some viewers were amused with the video while the others found the magician's vanishing dog treat trick to be cruel to the animals.

However, Jose Ahonen assured that the dogs received their treats before and after filming his magic trick. "Do dogs react to magic? Watch as magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanished some dog treats under their noses. By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick :) Part II coming soon, be sure to subscribe to be the first to see it!" the description on the video reads.

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