Viral Video Dancing Old Man: Grandpa Throws Away Canes to Show He Can Still Dance [WATCH VIDEO]

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When it comes to dancing, a viral video proves that age is just a number. An unnamed old man has captured the attention of viewers on the Internet because of the shared video of his dancing moves to the 1950s songs beginning with "Rock Around the Clock" apparently at some social event.

In the viral video, the old man initially dances alone while holding his two canes. The cool grandpa got absorbed with the music so he decided to just throw away his canes and showed off his killer dance movies.

The video ends with the groovy old man owning the dance floor with two female dancing partners. According to the report, the star of the viral video has not yet been tracked down but the footage has been posted via social media site Facebook in Peru.

Facebook user Edgard Eleuterio Daza posted the video on Friday, July 18, with the words "Eternamente Joven," which translates to "Forever Young," written as a description to the video. Currently, the viral video shared on Facebook has over a million shares and more than 70,000 likes. Click HERE to watch the full video.

The video has also been shared on YouTube where majority of the viewers' comments praised the old man for his dancing skills and admitted that watching the adorable video really made them smile and be happy. Even the audience in the viral video could not help but express admiration for the dancing old man.

BuzzFeed staff Luke Lewis noted down that hopefully people will behave the same way that the old man did in the viral video when everyone gets older. The dancing old man was obviously having a grand time of his life and he did not really care if other people were dancing next to him, watching him or capturing his performance on video or photographs.

"It actually looks like he never had crutches at all, which is surprising considering I've truly never seen anything like this," Alexia Lafata of the Elite Daily noted. Have a look at the viral YouTube video below titled "Never Stop Dancing - Old Man Dance" that was published on Monday, July 21.

Credit: YouTube/atsuhiko takahashi

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