Viral Video Dance-off: Dad Shows Dancing Skills with Daughter to the Ariana Grande Hit Song Titled Problem

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A father and his daughter are becoming Internet stars fast because of their viral dance-off video. The shared viral video that can make the viewers smile features the adorable pair dancing to the Ariana Grande hit song "Problem."

According to the Time report, the young girl in the viral video asked her father to join her in the choreographed dance-off to the Ariana Grande song. The young girl's dad agreed and did show off his dancing skills in the captured video.

The video titled "Daddy Daughter Dance Off" got published on YouTube last Sunday, July 20, and it currently has over 500,000 views. "My Daughter Made Up a Routine and Made Me Do It lmao," the father posted as a description of the shared YouTube video. Click HERE to watch the full video of the father-and-daughter dance-off.

The young girl's dad initially had no problem catching up to his daughter's dance moves but at the end of the video, the father can be seen collapsing on the floor. Meanwhile, the young girl told his dad that he lost the bet on their friendly dance-off competition and walked away from the camera with a triumphant look on her face.

The MTV report noted down that the dad in the video should be given a "World's Greatest Dad" shirt for his involvement and performance with his daughter. Majority of the viewers' comments on YouTube found the video cute, noticed the dancing ability of the young girl and praised the father for what he did.

The comments pointed out that the viral video shows quality time and bonding moment between a father and a daughter which is something that kids nowadays need. "I absolutely love this. If only the rest of the daddys in the world would spend time with their kids like this! You sir are an inspiration! Thank you," YouTube account kellie77381 posted.

Another YouTube account, matt funderburg, expressed that he respects the dancing dad for spending time with his daughter at home. "From 1 Dad 2 another, I respect how it's ok to act a fool and spend quality time with your kid(s)! Keep it up bro!" Matt commented.

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