Viral Video Dad Swelters in Hot Car: Terry Bartley Raise Parenting Awareness with Do Not Leave Your Kids in Car Video [WATCH]

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In North Carolina, a father from Greensboro decided to raise parenting awareness with his "Do Not Leave Your Kids in Car" video after finding out that a young boy from Georgia died when his parents left him in the car. Terry Bartley, 33, created a YouTube video of himself locked up in his car with the windows up to show the viewers what it feels like for a child to be left inside a vehicle with a hot temperature outside.

According to The Star report, Terry Bartley can deal with sweating while working as a hauler and playing semi-pro football. However, the parent was not able to bear the heat inside his car for 10 minutes when he recorded the awareness video.

In the video, Terry Bartley explained that his goal in making the video is to make adults realize that it is not a great idea for parents to leave children or even pets unattended inside a vehicle. "I'm sitting in the car with the windows rolled up because I want to know how it feels to be left in the car," Bartley stated in the video.

Terry Bartley described that being left in the car with the windows up is like being trapped in a microwave and he could hardly breathe. "I can barely breathe out here, but my system is a lot stronger than these little kids," Bartley admitted.

The shared video, which was published on June 20, became viral with over one million views at the moment and Terry Bartley expressed gratitude through a telephone interview that he is receiving attention and support for what he did. "I'm glad to be a part of spreading the word. I just hope that my message and the challenge that I issued will have people stop and think, 'I'm not going to leave my child in here.' Share this message," Bartley stated in the Time Warner Cable News report.

Bartley, who is a father of three kids, declared that he will not leave his children locked up in the car after experiencing the heat inside the vehicle. "If I've got to go in and pay for gas, they're coming in with me. That's because you never know what'll happen in two or three seconds," Bartley stated.

The Greensboro father shared that the news about the Georgia toddler dying in his dad's hot vehicle last June urged him to raise awareness on the parenting issue. "It was just another sad story to hear on the news, and someone had to take a stand against it. I'm glad I made my video, and it's spreading awareness all over the world," Bartley explained.

On June 18, Cooper Harris, a 22-month-old child from Georgia, died after he was left in the SUV near Atlanta with 32C temperature outside. Justin Ross Harris, the 33-year-old father of Cooper, pleaded not guilty to felony murder and cruelty to a child in the second degree charges filed and claimed that what happened was an accident.

Credit: YouTube/tbartley269

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