Viral Video Cupcake Kid: YouTube Star Mateo and His Mom Linda Appears on the Ellen Degeneres Show [WATCH VIDEO]

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Ellen Degeneres takes the stage to host the show at the start of the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood
Ellen Degeneres takes the stage to host the show at the start of the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California March 2, 2014. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Matthew or 3-year-old "Mateo" did not get the cupcake that he wants in the viral video that his mother Linda shared on YouTube but TV host Ellen DeGeneres granted the little boy's wish when he appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with his mom on Tuesday, March 18. In the interview, Linda talked about the sudden fame that Mateo got for his debating skills in their family video.

Ellen DeGeneres warmly introduced and welcomed Mateo and Linda before they started discussing the story behind the video. The TV host admitted that she wanted to meet the two because she found the video to be "the most adorable thing ever."

However, Ellen was quick to tell Mateo that his debating antics in the viral video were not adorable. "Don't argue with your mother," Ellen told the little boy.

Credit: YouTube/TheEllenShow

Ellen noted that the video of Mateo asking for a cupcake has already garnered 8 millions views and it made the public instantly recognize the adorable kid. Linda revealed that they are now getting recognized in public places like the streets and the airport.

"People working (at the airport) were running up to us. There were two gentlemen watching the video as we were standing in line. I mean it's awesome. It's great, but it's also just fame in an instant. It's crazy," Lina stated, according to Deseret News.

Then, Linda started to talk about her son's behaviour in the personal video that she captured. The mother of two revealed that she was trying to suppress her laughter while filming Mateo who keeps on debating to get the cupcake he wants.

In the video, Mateo can be seen calling his mother by her name or "Honey" and keep asking her to just listen to him. Linda explained to Ellen that Mateo usually calls her "Mommy" but when the kid turns serious over something, he starts to call her "Linda" instead.

"'Linda' comes from debating, for like a cupcake. I'm usually 'mommy.' When he's serious, and he really wants to get his point across, then we become 'Linda' or 'Kenneth'," the mother explained. She further added that Mateo learned the words "Honey" or "Babe" after hearing it from his dad Kenneth while the word "Listen" was from her.

Before the show ended, Ellen DeGeneres surprised her adorable guest with something that Linda might not like but decided to give it anyway since they flew all the way to see her. "We're gonna give you some cupcakes," Ellen told Mateo as the tower of superhero cupcakes came out. As for Linda, the TV host gave her a spa gift card and a $10,000 check from Shutterfly to help in their family expenses.

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