Viral Video Cup Cake Kid: You Tube Star Mateo's Mother Moved to Tears by Ellen DeGeneres

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The viral video sensation 3-year-old Mateo finally got his cupcakes. The toddler was invited on Ellen DeGeneras Show immediately after the video of his argumentative skills went viral on Internet. Reportedly, Generes was super impressed by the way Mateo was convincing his mom Linda for having cupcakes.

The video has been watched by million of people worldwide and has received more than 4.3 million hits. In the video, Mateo addresses his mom as "Linda! Listen" and this has become a topic of intense discussion worldwide. There is a group of people who are wondering as to why Mateo calls his mother by her name.

When Ellen met the mother son duo she said: "I had to meet you because I thought it was the most adorable thing ever. But it was not adorable, don't argue with your mother."

Questioning Mateo's behavior Ellen asked Linda, "Did he just come out with this kind of personality? Just always had something to say?"

"He's definitely always had something to say, if it's not arguing about shoes, it's arguing about cupcakes," replied Linda.

Ellen further asked as to why Mateo does not call Linda mommy. To which Linda said: "Linda comes from debating, for like a cupcake, I'm usually mommy ... When he's serious and he wants to get his point across, then we become Linda or Kenneth (Mateo's father)."

Mateo even refers to her mother has "honey" and "babe" and according to Linda he learnt this terminology from his father Kenneth.

Mateo's instant fame has totally left Linda baffled and she told Ellen how people went crazy when Mateo landed on he airport. She also came across two people watching the video while they were at the airport.

On the show, Ellen showed her love for the toddler by giving him his favorite superhero-themed cupcake stand, complete with Superman, Batman and Spiderman-themed cupcakes, topped with Mateo as a cupcake superhero.This gesture of Ellen moved Linda to tears and she couldn't believe the love her son was receiving.

"Linda! Listen" Listen Video is undoubtedly one of the cutest argument between a mother and son. You can watch the video here:

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