Viral Video: Confusing ‘Mannequin Mob’ in Department Store Gets Busted After 911 Call [Watch YouTube Clip]

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Source: YouTube/Improv Everywhere

What would you do if a mannequin you thought was a real mannequin suddenly moved and talked? It appears that an employee in a department store in Manhattan, New York has a definitive answer to that. Call 911!

It looks like 40 plastic dolls have come to life. Truly confusing at first, the mannequin mob has gotten a lot of laughter from shoppers after learning that they are not real mannequins but real people.

Nearing 13 years of planning and executing pranks in several public places, a New York-based prank group called Improv Everywhere, once again, caused another scene and this time it was at a Gap store in Manhattan. Charlie Todd, creator and director of the prank group has apparently gotten 40 people to act on the mission.

Zipping up the performers' white Morphsuits and freezing just in time, a surprising 40 "human" mannequins were said to have been quickly added to the real mannequins in the store.

"It was fun watching people try to spot as many fake mannequins as they could," Charlie Todd shared in an article he wrote in the Improv Everywhere Web site.

But the prank, which appears to be going so well at first, had to stop after a 5th Avenue Gap employee called 911. The video clip, which was posted on YouTube and has now gone viral, showed the employee reporting a "flash mob" on the phone, and immediately the police officers have arrived. The video, then, continued to show the performers being told to lie down on the floor with handcuffs as if the reported flash mob was a group who were executing a store robbery.

According to Charlie Todd's article, 20 performers ended up in handcuffs while the others who have seen the authorities first were able to unzip their suits and walk out of the store like normal customers.

"The cops were pretty surprised when they realized the mob was a diverse group that included 22-year-old women and senior citizens," Todd wrote.

Apparently, the authorities were able to realize that there was no intention to harm people, and the mannequin mob was purely for a ten-minute fun.

Six days after the video was published on YouTube, "The Mannequin Mob" video has gone viral with more than half a million views, 19,000 likes and over a thousand comments with the majority pointing at the employee who called the authorities with "no sense of humour." Other comments were positive, though, saying the employee was just doing his job.

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