Viral Video: Cockatiel Chirps Dubstep Style, Nearly 2M Views in 2 Days [VIDEO]

Viral candidate: Dog shows pup how to work the stairs

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Animal training comes naturally to pet lovers. Here are two videos that show impressive results after a period of "rapport-building" and training with pet animals. One is a video of a bird chirping dubstep style, which has gone viral with over 170,000 views within two days. The other shows a puppy trying to brave a couple of steps down the stairs.

YouTube user Rainykauke, who calls his cockatiel Harvey, shared with viewers his pet's "talent" in churning out techno beats.

"Just my bird Harvey dropping some fat beats. Sorry about the poor cropping filmed this on a phone," writes Rainykauke.

VIDEO: Bird's Techno Beat Goes Viral in 2 Days

The cockatiel is also called the quarrion or the weiro. It belongs to the cockatoo family endemic to Australia. Cockatiels are the second to the budgerigar as the most common caged bird, according to the Internet Bird Collection.

"Wow, I've got 4 cockatiels and they are not as cool as this one," comments user snickersgirl2009.

VIDEO: Big dog Simon shows scared pup how to climb down the stairs

YouTube user MrLeone395 showed how a puppy called Daisy got the courage to climb down the stairs. Pet owner got a lot of help from big dog Simon.

"I know it's cute, but please don't let the puppy climb up and down the stairs so much at such a young age - too much strain on the growing bones and joints," writes luphenex.

Pet raisers generally understand each other's feats in training their beloved animals. Their videos entertain many people while some viewers ponder the possible implications of the training other pets go through. Would you care to share your thoughts on these videos?

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