Viral Video Celebrity Impressions: Rob Cantor Shares YouTube Video that Reveals Voice-Over Artists Backing Him Up in Song Titled Perfect [WATCH]

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Singer Rob Cantor initially shared on YouTube last Tuesday, July 1, the video titled "29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song" that went viral with over 7 million views and the viewers stunned with his performance. However, Rob Cantor released on Wednesday night, July 9, the making of the viral video where it was revealed that voice-over artists helped him in his song titled "Perfect."

In Rob Cantor's viral video on 29 Celebrity Impressions, some viewers commented that the singer's voice was spot-on as he impersonated different famous Hollywood celebrities and musicians such as Adam Sandler, Christopher Lloyd, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jack Black and Frank Sinatra. Meanwhile, the other viewers were dubious on how Rob Cantor did it especially with the female voices.

It turns out Rob Cantor had help from a group of voice-over artists in doing the celebrity impressions for his song. The singer's description in "The Making of '29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song'" video revealed that the video was created with 11 impressionists and one trumpet player.

"I hope it was fun to watch, and that you enjoyed my song 'Perfect'," Cantor further added in the description before listing the names of the voice-over impressionists and the celebrities they impersonated. After "The Making" video was released, the credits on the original viral video have been updated as well.

Stephen Peltzer of the Westchester Productions, a rep for Rob Cantor, shared the latest video through an email to Today and claimed that it was made in good fun. "Basically, like Jimmy Kimmel and the Twerking Girl on Fire video, the whole thing was a carefully orchestrated effort. Rob really wants to share this 'Making Of' video to give proper credit to all the amazing impressionists and musicians who leant (sic) their voices and talents," Peltzer wrote in the email sent.

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast report noted down that Rob Cantor and the celebrity impressionists are not really the true stars of the original video but the credit goes to sound designer Lindsey Alvarez. In the viral video, Alvarez made everything look and sound natural as Rob Cantor lip-synced to the performances of the celebrity impressionists.

Credit: YouTube/robcantor

Credit: YouTube/robcantor

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