Viral Video: 'Big Bang Theory' Flash Mob Gets 11M Views - Find Sheldon Cooper!

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Kaley Cuoco loves everyone at "The Big Bang Theory," and she celebrates this love with a fun flash mob with the crew at the TBBT set - and her sister. A TBBT show runner revealed the flash mob was Penny's brilliant idea, and her sister choreographed the dance number.

So here's how the video starts: The cast is complete for the fun flash mob. All the seven members of the cast are present and seated in their respective "spots." In a glance, it looks like they are ready for just another regular mundane-to-heated discussion in Shelly's and Leonard's living room.

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Then the clapper gives the cue. The director yells, "Action!" Oddly, Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" starts playing in the background, and a camera shot shows the crew in a dance formation. Kunal Nayyar, in-character as Rajesh, is first to rise from his seat to groove to the music.

TBBT co-creators Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre surprised by the flash mob - and the 11M views?

TBBT co-creators Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre are obviously surprised with what's developing on the set. They both rise from their seats with a grin, eager to get a closer look at the dancers.

No doubt, there's a flash mob on TBBT set!

On Twitter, Bill Prady shouted out on Friday (Nov 16):

"The other week, the cast and crew surprised us with this [URL]."

"The flash mob was choreographed by the lovely and talented @bricuoco [Kaley's sister]"

Barely three days later, the video has attracted over 11 million views!

What is the TBBT flash mob for?

Have you ever wondered whether the TBBT flash mob is more than just a whimsical idea in the spirit of fun? It must be a super treat for the audience. Or there may be something else going on.

Prady tweeted:

"Yes, there is a longer version of the flash mob. I can't link to it for legal reasons, so good luck on your quest."

The Big Bang Theory breaks rating records in 5th season: Where does Sheldon go every day at 2.45?

TBBT has a great reason to celebrate. Now in its fifth season, the latest episode of the series was the top rated program of the night: adults 25-54, adults 18-49 and adults 18-34, with 17.39m viewers.

In the latest TBBT episode (S05XE06) Raj and Howard (Simon Helberg) desperately try to find out Sheldon (Jim Parsons)'s activity every day at 2.45. Penny (Cuoco) also blurts out her real feelings to Leonard (John Galecki) in three words.

Now here's a challenge: Find Sheldon Cooper in the mob, and recall what he said about parallel universes and his dancing inclinations.

Watch the TBBT viral video here, or play the media below.

Viral Video: "The Big Bang Theory" flash mob - now with 11 million hits on YouTube

Watch the video here or play the media below.

YouTube comments (selected few):

Instantaneous flash mob wasn't part of the roommate agreement - dlmck66

i love the way jim parsons is just standing there xD so much like Sheldon - Minimeti

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