Viral Video Baby Gender Reveal: Arizona Couple Reveal Gender of Unborn Child, Only Son Gunner Cries After Finding Out Baby is Another Girl

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In Arizona, a married couple is expecting a new addition to their family and decided to deliver the good news of the baby's gender to their other three kids through a video recording. The supposed to be happy family event turned sour when their only son, Gunner, cried and threw a tantrum after finding out that the new baby is another girl.  

In the Mertlich family video posted on YouTube, dad Jason is behind the camera recording the baby gender reveal in their house kitchen with a cake served. The cake cutting would officially confirm the gender of the new baby with the colour blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

Gunner, 6, was hoping for a little brother to play with but the cake really disappointed him when the colour pink appeared before his eyes. Click HERE to watch the video in the report.

Gunner's sisters, Paisley and Harper, can be seen really happy that another girl joins their family. The video that couple Jason and Tiffany Mertlich shared on YouTube garnered attention as the only boy in the family shouted in tears that he does not like girls.

"It's a girl!" Gunner exclaimed in disappointed after he cut the cake with the pink center. "I don't want a girl! I don't want to eat the cake, I don't want the girl cake!" the little boy added in frustration.

According to the Latin Post report, Gunner had a hard time absorbing the fact that there will be another girl in the family. This made the 6-year-old boy declare that he hates girls and they are "stupid."

"Every time it's girl, girl, girl, girl! It's all gonna be girls! I want to leave this house and never come back!"Gunner stated. Jason tried to calm down his son by telling him that he too would love to have a boy in the family.

The married couple talked to Fox News after their family video spread and became a hot topic on the Internet. According to dad Jason, they decided to videotape the baby gender reveal to share it to their relatives the news of what the baby's gender is going to be and he knew about his son getting disappointed.

"I didn't know he was going to go to that magnitude," Jason shared. It took hours before Gunner finally calmed down and accept the news that he received. "He finally came to, had some cake. He took it pretty well after that," mom Tiffany shared.

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