Viral Video: Around the World in 360° Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie [Watch YouTube Clip]


In the advent of selfie generation, one person takes his selfie to the extremes by throttling around the world in 600 days taking selfie all along his journey. His expedition was recorded on a 360° rotation using a GoPro camera.

The video clip has become a YouTube sensation after accruing over 1.5 million views and over 22,000 likes in a week since it was uploaded.

The owner of the video Alex Chacon travelled 36 countries from Alaska to Argentina, driving in 5 motorcycles and travelling a total of 125,946 miles in the process. On the video caption it mentioned that he was on a Modern Motorcycle Diaries for a charitable expedition as he crossed over 75 borders around the world to the most remote and undiscovered places on earth.

In the video clip, Chacon was seen on a high altitude location, at the beach, at the jungle, diving under the sea, and travelling to the desert.

He also posed with the sculpture of Mano de Punta del Este (Hand of Punta del Este), the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, Grand Rapids, and the Grand Canyon in the background.

Chacon also had the guts to pose with a Muslim lady whose only visible part of the body is just the eyes. He also posed behind a large group of Muslims.

He also happily poses along with any fellow whom he met on his journey such as a group of friends and several snapshots with a lady beside him. He also had snapshots with several guys, children, and even gasoline men in tow.

He also posed for a selfie with the lion, with an elephant, and even while riding a camel. He even tried to balance himself at the end of the railings of the bridge and posed with the large boulders behind him.

He was also captured riding a tricycle, driving a motorcycle, riding a small boat, riding a bus, and riding a bigger boat. He also checked out a selfie inside the church, at the hanging bridge, near the stairs, at the park and with several stone formations in the background.

He also dared to take a selfie while doing the unimaginable like mud swimming, skiing, and bungee jumping. He also donned various bizarre outfits for his epic selfie. At one point, he was dressed like a Muslim and in another shot he was wearing a military uniform.

What an epic selfie indeed!

Watch the video from YouTube.


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